The Promises Made By Affiliate Marketers

You must have seen them. The adverts that promise you can start making money in fifteen minutes.The websites claiming you could start making a hundred thousand pounds a month. The ebooks that swear they can make you a millionaire.

It sounds too good to be true,The Promises Made By Affiliate Marketers Articles right?

In general, that’s because it is.

There is a possibility you might start making money in fifteen minutes. You might start making a hundred thousand pounds a month. And it is possible that, out there somewhere, there is an ebook that can make you a millionaire.

There is also the chance that you could win the lottery. And if you believe these promises, you will probably be better off trying to do that.

Most of these promises are rubbish. You will not start making money in fifteen minutes. Most of these ebooks are so long you probably won’t even have finished reading it by then! After that, you still have to set up a website, write some sales copy, find products to promote, design an advertising campaign…

Maybe the ebook you have does not mention these things. Maybe it suggests you can just whack an advert up on Google Adwords and expect the money to start pouring in. If it does, it is wrong. Google Adwords is one of the hardest ways to make money, and one of the easiest ways to lose it.

The chances of you making hundreds of thousands of pounds a month are slim as well, as are the chances of you becoming a millionaire. I have no doubt it is possible, but very few manage it. Those who do tend to put in years of work today mahzooz result, educating themselves about every aspect of marketing and spending hours refining their campaigns. They also tend to be very intelligent with a natural talent for selling!

The reason promises like these are made is simple: because people want to believe them. They want to believe that the product they are about to buy can change their lives, make them rich. They dream of a better life. And there is nothing wrong with that: but it isn’t an attitude that will make them money. Marketers know that they aren’t selling an informational product. They’re selling a fantasy. That’s why they make the wild promises they do.

The fact is, it’s difficult to make money. You need time, patience, and the willingness to work hard. And you need to find a good product that will tell you what you need to know: a product that gives you advice you can act on, not just the hope that one day you could make as much money as some of the super-affiliates.

How can you spot a product like that? It can be difficult. Avoid products that have promises which are just too wild. They should at least sound realistic – so no programs that promise they can make you a millionaire in 24 hours! But try to ignore the promises and claims that this ebook can make you rich. Read carefully, and see what is actually offered.